Definition: What is Transformational Voice?

  • A System of Principles, Techniques, and Methodologies brought together by Founder Linda Brice, taught by her over a lifetime of teaching, and passed along to the next generation in the Transformational Voice Teacher Apprenticeship Program. The System is also passed on to singers through workshops and private instruction offered by Linda Brice and Certified Transformational Voice Teachers; Learn more about this system.
  • A Spiritual Path  (emphatically not a religion) connecting us to Source (whatever you might call it) experienced by its practitioners.  We make no claim that it is the only spiritual path, but it is a very good one for those who are musical and long to express themselves freely and authentically through their voice;
  • A Community of practitioners, who support, nurture, and mirror each other on the journey, and develop deep and abiding friendships along the way. Because all of us are one, practitioner’s are metaphorically connected to each other throughout the world every time they take a breath;
  • A Movement that is gradually changing the ways in which vocalists view themselves, that views singing and music as inherently sacred rather than only commercial, and that alters the role of singers and singing within our culture;
  • A Brand, easily recognizable as an indicator of the deep philosophy underlying our system and practice, and as a sure sign of quality instruction.