Transformational Voice ® seeks to free the voice and human spirit by guiding practitioners through a vocal technical system, based on physiology and the physical laws, that frees the Authentic Voice.

The Authentic Voice is already within, and is inherently beautiful. In freeing the Authentic Voice, practitioner’s become aware of the relationship between voice, their unique and authentic nature, and their life’s purpose. This awareness results in personal growth and transformation. The system works for all vocalists:  professional or avocational, young or old, singers or speakers.

Transformational Voice seeks to relieve the suffering of vocalists by removing our shame and the fear of voicing ourselves. Practitioners learn to embrace process rather than product, recognize and disarm the voice of the Inner Critic, and reframe their reasons for singing along spiritual rather than ego- or commercially-driven purposes. While honoring vocal and musical rigor – the legacy of the greatest musicians who came before us – our holistic model moves us beyond technique to invite the transformational power of music to give purpose to our lives, to uplift our spirits, to relieve our suffering, and to invoke artistic curiosity.

Transformational Voice wishes to permanently influence the existing paradigms of voice training and musical culture. To achieve this goal, Transformational Voice offers the Transformational Voice Teacher Apprenticeship Program to develop a new generation of master teachers trained and certified in the holistic Transformational Voice system. Certified graduates impact the national culture of voice training throughout their careers by teaching and promoting our Principles, Techniques, and Methodologies.

Singing beautifully is humanity’s birthright! Transformational Voice enables us to reclaim that birthright by offering us a way to get there.

“I can’t say how much this is doing for the music world. How useful Linda’s methods are for not only the world of singing, but for the psyche of singers.”

— Nicole Cabell, Winner of the 2005 BBC Singer of the World Competition and International Opera Star