Lessons for Singers

You can choose to study privately or within the context of a small group.

Although most singers believe that private study is preferable, that is not always the case. The Transformational Voice System of Principles and Techniques are identical in both learning environments.

Linda and Nicole discuss the mentoring of singers

Consider the following when deciding which is for you.

Private study is the best choice if:

1) You are preparing for auditions or professional-level performances and need to apply your technique specifically to the requirements of your repertoire;

2) You are an experienced singer but are unsure of your voice category (fach);

3) You are ready to move into another voice category, and would like help and guidance in doing so safely;

4) You are an experienced singer in one style, and wish to learn how to sing correctly and beautifully in another style (crossover);

5) You are a non-classical singer who would like to learn “healthy belting”;

6) You have vocal technical challenges that need specific guidance and attention;

7) You suspect you have (or have been diagnosed with) a vocal injury or disorder from which you need vocal guidance for your recovery.

Small group study offers a powerful learning environment, and is the best choice if:

1) You are new to the study of singing;

2) You are an experienced singer and are looking for a comprehensive technical tune-up;

3) You are unsure of what to do in between lessons and how best to practice;

4) You enjoy, or are seeking, the camaraderie of working with fellow singers for their encouragement, support and mirroring;

5) You are aware of psychological or spiritual issues around your singing that you wish to work through, including perfectionism, extreme fear, loss of artistic purpose, performance anxiety, loss of vocal self-esteem, reticence to sing or having quit singing even though you long to do so, and depression accompanying any of these states.


Linda maintains studios in Portland, Oregon and Southwest Colorado. She teaches in person and online via Google+, Skype, Facetime, or ZoomMeeting, and is therefore available for singers living anywhere throughout the world. She currently has a few openings for committed singers of any style, level, or age to study privately.

Contact Linda for tuition rates.
She offers a sliding scale rate for exceptional students under extraordinary circumstances, which is offered at her sole discretion.

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SMALL GROUP COURSE: A Year in the Life of the Holistic Singer

Singers can also study in a small group format by joining Linda’s year-long course A Year in the Life of the Holistic Singer.

This is an online course

Are you a beginning singer with an enormous passion to learn to sing your best?

Are you a committed singer wondering how to best utilize your time on a daily basis?

Are you curious to explore voice as a spiritual path while integrating that path into the development of your vocal skill? Do you thrive in a small group setting where trust and camaraderie flourish? Are you willing to commit to your vocal journey for a year?

If the answer is yes, consider joining this small group to explore your potential by working with Linda as she writes and perfects the book “A Year in the Life of the Holistic Singer.” The book itself will be a daily devotional of holistic voice. It invites participants to commit 15-20 minutes per day, 6 days a week, for one year to the unfolding of their Authentic Voices, and to their vocal/spiritual journeys.

For each week of the workshop, Linda will prepare a week’s worth of material, utilize the class to present and guide participants through that material, and then ask participants to utilize the material throughout the week, providing Linda with feedback and suggestions. This feedback will be incorporated into the book.  Doing this ensures that the daily lessons are not written in a vacuum, but derived through genuinely lived experience.

Linda is looking for a small and very special group of individuals to join her.

TIME COMMITMENT:  One Year. Sessions meet 2 hours per week, in 3 fifteen-week terms, for a total of 45 weeks.  Participants can join us online in case a there is a need to be out of town.

MEETING DAY/TIME: Classes begin Tuesday, February 10, 7-9pm.

TUITION: $50/class
She offers a sliding scale rate for exceptional students under extraordinary circumstances, which is offered at her sole discretion.

ENROLLMENT CAP: 10 Participants

LEVEL: All levels of singers accepted, beginners to professionals. A basic working knowledge of music (scales, intervals, meter) in required. Beginners must indicate their ability and awareness of what it means to make a commitment to their own singing for an entire year, and must feel confident that they will be able to fulfill that commitment.

TO ENROLL: Send an email to Linda at linda@transformationalvoice.com why this class appeals to you, and how you feel it might facilitate your goals