History of Transformational Voice

Founder Linda Brice has been singing all her life, and teaching voice for thirty-three years. The education, life experiences, struggles, and successes of Linda have formed Transformational Voice’s mission, philosophy, and offerings. Linda’s unconventional life – unconventional even for a performing artist – enabled her to make connections across disciplines and thus to extract and assemble the Transformational Voice System from her genuinely lived experience.

Prior to 1995, Linda considered herself a fairly conventional classical voice teacher. But increasingly after that, a series of life experiences deepened and expanded her practice of voice teaching into the holistic and spiritual realm. Always a vocal technician and teacher of a breath-based technique that emphasized vocal freedom, Linda increasingly began to see the interconnections between the technical and the spiritual, the physical and the metaphysical.

Linda began using the name “Transformational Voice Training” for her private voice teaching and speech consulting practices beginning in the year 2000 when she was living right outside of Zion National Park in Southern Utah. In 2002, Linda moved to Portland, Oregon, and Transformational Voice quickly evolved.

In October of 2009, Linda Brice founded the Transformational Voice Training Institute, LLC for the purpose of training voice teachers, This was made possible by a legacy from her parents, Vinson and Eleanor Brice. In 2012, with a full class of Apprentice Voice Teachers, 175 singing and speech students studying in 17 classes per week which provided the working laboratory for the apprentices, Linda founded the Transformational Voice Institute (TVI), a 501(c)3 Not-for-Profit. TVI classes were held in a 2000 square foot building in Southeast Portland.

Over the two years of its life, over 1000 vocalists studied at the Institute. In May of 2014, Linda re-founded Transformational Voice as her own company to ensure that the intellectual property, brand, and logo would be available for her use in future publications. Transformational Voice sponsors the Apprenticeship Program for Voice Teachers, workshops, a small number of classes, and private study. Linda maintains working relationships with the Certified Transformational Voice Master Teachers, to whom she regularly refers students.